I'm working in Mapbox Studio (Classic) and want to prevent labels from rendering more than once.

I'm using text-repeat-distance to prevent labels from showing more than once:

#Admin_level3_Boundary {
  line-width: 1;
  line-color: #aaa;

  [zoom>=8] {
    text-name: [AREANAME];
    text-face-name: @sans; 
    text-fill: #ccc;
    text-size: 8;
    text-avoid-edges: true;
    text-repeat-distance: 50000;

According to the CartoCSS attributes outlined here, a high text-repeat-distance should do the trick. But it's not working:

Repeated labels

I've tried using text-min-distance and text-margin as well, but it causes other (non-repeat) labels to disappear if they are close by.

How can I prevent repeat labels from showing?

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Polygons in Mapbox Studio Classic are often split between multiple vector tiles, which can make preventing repeated labels quite challenging, if not impossible. Many cartographers choose instead to create a separate point layer for their labels (this is how it's done in Mapbox Streets).

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