How to split a line layer using another point layer in QGIS?

I have one point layer and one line layer. I want to split the line layer between two points (those two points belongs to point layer) using QGIS. how can I perform this splitting using QGIS?

I used v.split for splitting the line layer, but I am not getting any output.

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    I don't think you can split lines based on points unless the points overlap the lines, if you want to split lines between two points that are not overlapping the line, you can try to convert your points to a line first ( make a line using the points you want to split the original line with) and use that to split your lines. Mar 10 '16 at 5:43
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There is the SAGA's "Split Lines at Points" module (search in the Processing Toolbox Ctrl+Alt+T: QGIS Processing Toolbox > SAGA > Vector line tools)

enter image description here

In the above example all my points are within 2.8 m (or 2.9 m) from those white lines. Setting Epsilon to 3.0 covers these gaps.

enter image description here

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