I have two tables:

  1. roads containing one row (line) for each road with column road_code uniquely identifying the name of the road;
  2. districts containing one row (polygon) for each district with column district_code uniquely identifying each district.

I want to create a new table of lines called roads_by_district, where each road from the table roads is parted based on the intersection with the districts.

So table roads_by_district should look like

road_code | district_code | geom(line)
H1          District_A      0105...
H2          District_A      0105...
H1          District_B      0105...
H2          District_B      0105...

I guess I should use a query with ST_Intersects and ST_Contains but I don't want to return the entire road H1 that partially intersects with district District_A, but only the part of H1 that is totally contained by District_A.

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I think I found my query:

CREATE TABLE roads_by_district AS
SELECT a.road_id as road_id, a.comune_id as comune_id,
       ST_Intersection(a.geomline, a.geompoly) as geom
FROM (SELECT roads.road_code as road_id, comuni.pro_com As comune_id,
             roads.geom as geomline, districts.geom as geompoly
       FROM roads INNER JOIN districts
       ON (ST_Intersects(roads.geom, districts.geom, 4326))) a;

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