I'm trying to implement some search functionality for a web app, and have run into an issue where I don't know the proper functions to execute this.

Given a Point, a bounding_box database field with the EWKB representation of the geometry and a given distance value (aka 10km), I want to find all records that are within the radius or intersect with the outer boundary.

An example bounding box is:


Given that this function will be executed many times, with possible caching, I'd like to avoid any ST_BUFFER usage.

There are multiple things happening here:

  1. How can I create a bounding box representation using the EWKB value in the bounding_box field? Aggregate functions like ST_POLOGONIZE are not allowed within WHERE blocks.
  2. Is ST_DWITHIN usage appropriate here?
  3. This function will be executed many times. What sort of optimizations are suggested?

It is suggested to use the bounding box operators from PostGIS:

PostGIS BBOX operators

The bounding box will be automatically derived from the geometries when you use one of the boundingbox operators, so no need to create a new bounding box geometry.

The ST_DWITHIN function as well as the bounding box operators usually exhibit a decent performance.

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