I'm creating a simple map in Cartodb to show the results of a local school referendum vote.


I think I've got the basics figured out in just one day but I'm hoping to shade each precinct in a gradient based on ranges of the margin of victory (positive if 'yes' wins, negative if 'no' wins). For example, > 10% would get the greenest green, 7.5-9.99% slightly lighter, 5.0-7.49 slightly lighter, < 0% pale red, < -10% dark red, etc .. Pretty much like conditional formatting in excel. Is this possible ?

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Sounds like you need to create a choropleth map which is easy to do. I hope the screenshot below helps: enter image description here

  • thanks ! Reversing/fiddling with the colors and order was simple too.
    – Tom Meyer
    Mar 14, 2016 at 4:13

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