My problem might be somewhat similar to the following one: Retrieving lost data from QGIS. However, I need some further clarifications:

I was working with a project in QGIS. Suddenly, an error message with the title "Krasch dumpad" (Crash dumped) shows up (see pic 1 below). First error message

I then closed everything, restarted my computer and opened up the program again. When I tried to enter/open the same project, I recieved the following error message (see pic 2). The error message says: "error occurred while parsing element on line 1 column 1 for file C:/Users/H..."

Second error message

Have I lost the project and need to redo all the operations for this project (all of my analysis in QGIS)?

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QGIS generates a backup of the project qgs-file with an appended ~. If you delete the corrupt qgs-file and rename the backup myproject.qgs~ to myproject.qgs you should be up and running again. Replace myproject with you own project filename.

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