An ArcGIS for Server geocoding service can be used via http get (singleline geocoding for 'Jugendamt' [youth office]) http://secure.erlangen.de/arcgiser/rest/services/Comp_fromModel/GeocodeServer/findAddressCandidates?Address=&Postal=&City=&Region=&Country=&SingleLine=Jugendamt&category=&outFields=&maxLocations=&outSR=&searchExtent=&location=&distance=&magicKey=&f=html

and returns some results (below, Address Candidates):

enter image description here

Question: Is it possible to extract the resulting coordinates for further use, e.g. in PyQGIS?


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The comments above (using f=json instead of f=html, thanks all) along with https://stackoverflow.com/questions/12965203/how-to-get-json-from-webpage-into-python-script solved this question. Intented is a QGIS Plugin, which makes use of such geocoding service results.

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