I have a peculiar problem which i cannot think of way to solve.

I need to find distance of a building from the nearest road junction. This would include distance to the nearest road and how far is that point of road from nearest junction.

I tried 'Near' but it gives either distance to road or distance to junction (displacement).

See image for example.

Problem Image

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Assuming each road is line connecting 2 intersections, the only challenge here is finding near Point location (chainage) on the road.

  1. convert result of near analysis (NEAR_X, NEAR_Y) between houses and roads into points.
  2. Use Linear referencing or solution here to assign chainage to these points
  3. Calculate distance to nearest intersection along road as min(chainage, road_length-chainage)
  4. Spatial join (closest) between houses and roads will give you a distance to road

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