I'm using ArcGIS. I have a raster with angles in the value field. But the value field is type long integer. I would like to change it to float. Is that possible? Some more details: I've started with a DEM, and created two arrays with from it using numpy. The first array is the DEM source of data, and the second is the target array where I store de processed cells. I'm generating a topographic exposure raster.

My issue is that the value field from the original DEM is a long integer, therefore not suitable to storage decimal values. So, my question is how to change that value field type to float. This is done in python.

The way I solved this is by multiplying the angles (final data to store) by 1000000, so the value field store all the numbers that I need. I find this a cheesy trick. Is there a better/more 'elegant' solution?


you can multiply your numpy array by 1.0 and this will change the type of pixel to float.

newarray = oldarray*1.0
new_raster = arcpy.NumPyArrayToRaster(newarray)
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  • Thanks @radouxju. This was the kind of answer I needed. Let me try it. – Delonix R. Mar 15 '16 at 14:07

Another way of changing data type for a raster is to use the Copy Raster tool where you can change the pixel type parameter to float 32.

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