In CartoCSS you can specify an SVG pattern fill for a polygon as so:

#layer {
    polygon-pattern-file: url(images/fill.svg);

However, the size of the fill is too big at small scales and too small at large scales, and I would like to apply a custom transform to the fill to ensure that it scales properly. Looking at the documentation for polygon-pattern it appears that you can only change the scaling of the polygon being filled, not the actual fill itself.

Is there a way to apply a custom scale to SVG pattern fills? Essentially, it is applying an SVG transform=scale() to the main group of the SVG and changing the root element's height and width.


Update: CartoCSS now supports this since version 0.17.

While Mapnik's PolygonPatternSymbolizer should support this since Mapnik 3 CartoCSS does not yet support this property on polygon or line patterns.

An example for Mapnik XML support can be found here or see the related Mapnik issue.

I would suggest opening a feature request at the mapbox/carto repository on GitHub. The mapnik/mapnik-reference repository will also need updating.

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