I am trying to publish some layers in QGIS (version 2.14.0 Essen) to create WMS in geoserver. In ArcMap I can define legend heading

legend heading

. I have not encounter any option in QGIS. Since I am learning QGIS and Geoserver, wanted to make sure if I am missing any option (or any plugin can help)?


The way I've handled it is by using the Layer's title manually in HTML along with GeoServer's generated legend graphic.

Here's an example auto-generated legend out of GeoServer:

enter image description here

I believe that if you have two rules, then the title gets printed. See this question/answer.

So the short answer is, yes, there is a title available for use in GeoServer. And when you use it, you can get it to appear in your autogenerated legend, but it's a little clumsy. (And it should be obvious that you can do nearly anything with QGIS' legends =P).

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