I have some coordinates in datum REGCAN95, and I want to know how to convert them to something usable in OpenStreetMap.

I have found that REGCAN95 uses the EPSG codes as follows:

  • 4082 REGCAN95 for UTM 27
  • 4083 REGCAN95 for UTM 28

For example I have the coordinate 28BR205306 or 28BR067530, which I want to find in OpenStreetMap or other webmaps. How can I convert them?

  • I would guess those are MGRS except they're missing one of the letters. I think they should be 28RBR, but that puts them offshore. At that precision they're only good to the closest 100 meters.
    – mkennedy
    Mar 15, 2016 at 21:04
  • @mkennedy: Ok, but can you tell me how to interpret the numbers? Which is the x and which is the y coordinate? Just separate them in the middle? So three numbers for each coordinate? Or how can I enter them in one of the many transformation tools? And what does the R B R stand for? How did you guess the R is important or missing?
    – erik
    Mar 15, 2016 at 22:29
  • Please do a search for MGRS here or Wikipedia. A comment isn't long enough.
    – mkennedy
    Mar 16, 2016 at 6:35

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Thanks to the comments from mkennedy I read the Wikipedia article about MGRS, which told me, that my coordinates, which are of the following form

4QFJ 123 678

represent a precision level of 100 m.

I then found the conversion tool GeographicLib at Sourceforge, which helped me convert the coordinates.

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