I have some vector layers that I import from geojson files and run some search on them, I want to display only the results of the search as a vector layer.

I am using a jquery form to search, and I get the result but it doesn't show on the map because the page is after that refreshed and the result is lost. I thought of exporting the result in a geojson file this way I can preserve it.

Here is the code for the search it works fine except that the result layer isn't added to the map.

jQuery('#default-search').submit(function(event) {

    var Results=[];
    var src=layer.getSource();
    src.forEachFeature(function(feature) {
    tmp_source=new ol.source.Vector({
                features: Results
    tmp=new ol.layer.Vector({
            title:'temporary layer', 
            source: tmp_source



Is this possible or is there another way easier ?

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    try to add event.preventDefault(); as first statement in the function, by this you should be able to prevent the reloading of the page.
    – werkuh
    Commented Mar 16, 2016 at 14:50

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I agree with Hicham (above). Your code seems fine (hard to tell without an example of the results returned) but refreshing of a page on a submit suggests a mishandling of the submit event. (Plenty of Stack Overflow discussion on the topic, here is one I like).

You might try instead attaching an event handler to the submit function that specifically triggers the function where you do something with the results:

$(document).on('keypress', '#default-search', function(event) {
  if(event.which == 13) { //trigger something with the 'enter' key
    //do something

After a long detour to get a solution for this I finally got to the conclusion that we can't write in a file with javascript, and to do so I had to use php with AJAX

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