I want to embed a mapbox map into my wordpress web page.

I did the map with tilemill and saved into mapbox but I don't know how I would embed the map in wordpress.

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http://learnosm.org/en/map-design/mapbox/ <- quick google search.


To embed the map in your website, you can get an embeddable link by clicking on “Embed.” When you copy and paste the html into your website, the map you have saved here will be shown in a window on your site. If you have a website built on a common CMS, there may be a MapBox plugin that will easily allow you to add maps to your site.

MapBox on WordPress

Putting your map into your website is easy with Wordpress. Simply find the MapBox plugin and install it. The plugin can be found at http://wordpress.org/extend/plugins/mapbox/.

wordpress plugin

This plugin will allow you to copy the embedding html into WordPress and allow you to easily add maps to your posts.


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