I'm building a static map, and want to center text in a table I've added to the layout. How can this be accomplished in ArcGIS Desktop?

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    Have you considered creating your table in Word and inserting the table that way? If you need to make changes you can go back and change the Word document. The formatting should be pretty easy that way. – Adam Kara Mar 18 '16 at 17:26
  • @Adam Kara. I am curious how you would bring the Word document into Arcmap? I think I would take a screen shot of the table, save it as an image, and float it on top of the layout. You could also use Excel, especially since it talks to Arcmap better. I think that would be even easier and faster. – RHB Mar 19 '16 at 3:10
  • I took your advice, made the table in MS Excel 2016, and copied it into the layout view. Easiest way to make what I wanted. – SlyWhiteSheep Mar 21 '16 at 21:16

Possible workaround is using 2nd dataframe as ‘table’.

It’s enough to create vertical string of points from any table (doesn’t matter if it is actual geography or not) using approach I described here and "display" it in dataframe, e.g. 0 size point, white color

Next step – calculate field, e.g. Label using something like:

'|{:^15}|{:^15.3f}|{:^15.3f}| '.format( !COMPKEY! , !Invert!, !LID! )

And label vertical points, using this field and non true type font, e.g Lucinda Console:

enter image description here

Adding field headers is not a big deal. Simple text labels will do..

Because 2nd data frame supports DDP definition query it opens floodgate of opportunities in automation, with table displayed next to map.

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For maximum flexibility when adding tables to layouts, I think you will need to look at Adding Table to Layout View using ArcPy? There you would be able to center justify your text elements.

Otherwise, if you if you are restricting yourself to the method described on the Adding a table to a layout page of the Help, you will be restricted to its Appearance options which do not include Center Justification for fields.

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