So I have spend quite a bit of time reassigning F1 to F12 to mapinfo tools that suits our work line using Command Editor. Now I need to do same for couple of other computers. I was wondering if I can easily export this shortcut settings to another computer.

  • Hi @user69743 , welcome to the site! If you take a look at the tour you'll note it asks to please detail what you have already tried. Please update the question to add some more detail of what you've done. – om_henners Mar 22 '16 at 10:42
  • Hi @om_henners, Thank you for your suggestion about posting. I will surely be detailed next time. For now I have Peter has kindly offered answer I was looking for. – Wig_an Mar 22 '16 at 11:20

For MapInfo Pro 15.2 the key gestures are stored in the Command.xml file that you can find in the application data folder:


Each MapInfo Pro command is represented with most of its attributes as you can see here:

<MapInfoProCommand MenuId="109" Name="SaveCurrentWorkspace">
    <DisplayText>Save Workspace</DisplayText>
    <MenuItemText>Save Workspace</MenuItemText>
    <MenuItemToggleText>Save Workspace</MenuItemToggleText>
    <ToolTipDescription>Save Current Workspace (Ctrl+Shift+S)</ToolTipDescription>
    <ToolTipText>Save current session as a named configuration.</ToolTipText>
    <ToolTipDisabledText>This command is disabled. It should always be enabled.</ToolTipDisabledText>

You can copy this file to another pc where MapInfo Pro is installed and so share the key gestures.

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    Thank you so much Peter. I have already recieved lots of help from you in mapinfo group and now in stackexchange, its great!! Thank you. – Wig_an Mar 22 '16 at 11:21

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