I wish to create a heatmap like this one at http://www.trulia.com/local/san-francisco-ca/tiles:1|points:1_crime

enter image description here

With the number changes at different zoom level - the number can appear in a mouse-hover window instead of directly showing on the map.

Any idea how to make this with Leaflet map?


I have a csv file with three columns:

    lat  lng  count

Any tips how to easily load it for Leaflet.markercluster?


In this example it appears that they are using two techniques:

  • the heatmap polygon layer is used to show the crime risk
  • they are overlaying clustered points to show the instances of crime

So to emulate this effect, you would create a background layer/raster showing one variable from your dataset, and a point layer showing another variable, then cluster the points.

  • That's brilliant! I have updated my question. Any further tips how to load my csv file for Leaflet.markercluster? – Osiris Mar 24 '16 at 21:14
  • it'd be best to ask that as a separate question – Stephen Lead Mar 28 '16 at 2:17

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