when transferring my .dgn file to .shp in Arcgis, I can't export the annotations to .shp !!! I do not know why the outil "export data" is disabled !!!

However, when importing the file .dgn in Arcgis, I can see the annotations but the problem is it can't be exported to .shp

How would I fix this?

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    CAD-GIS interaction is not always as easy and straight-forward as one would imagine. You can't generally export data straight out of a dwg/dgn in Arcmap, and text is whole new set of headaches. I'm not that used to Microstation, but in Autocad Civil3d/Map you should use the Mapexport command. If you have access to FME there's an increased chance that you'll get relevant data from your dgn to a shapefile. – Martin Mar 23 '16 at 13:19
  1. Convert to geodatabase annotation using right click
  2. Use Add geometry attributes tool to add EXTENT or CENTROID. This will populate table with one or two pairs of coordinate.
  3. Export annotation table to standalone table

  4. Use pair of coordinates of your choice from this table as input to Add XY Data, and convert resulting event layer to point feature class. This is where you can finally use Right Click. Note you can define any of 4 corners of annotation extent to be your anchor point

If you follow solution by @geojwh you'll see the same thing, you see now, i.e. greyed out Data-Export Data item

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Try running the CAD to Geodatabase tool and then if you really need a .shp, right-click export the annotation featureclass to shp from the gdb. This will make the annotation a point shapefile with the attributes of the cad annotation.


I have used this methodology successfully several times before with .dwg files but as the documentation posted above says it will also work with .dgn files.

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