I have QGIS-Project-Files saved to a network drive and was wondering if it is possible to warn users that a project file is already opened by an other user to prevent concurrent editing of the same project file.

I was thinking of showing an alert like this:

enter image description here

Does anyone have a clue how this could be done?

I found some information on stackexchange but I am not sure if these could be implemented in QGIS in some generic way(not a manually added 'openProject' macro):



I know that QGIS shows a warning if I try to save a project file another user has changed since I opened it.... But it would be even better if I got the information in the moment when I open the project that someone else has opened the project, too.

The best option would be to implement this in QGIS core (C++) but a pythonic solution would be also interesting.

A generic C++ solution is probably harder as it has to check the exclusive file access on different OS's (windows, linux, mac).

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