In ArcGIS tools there is one tool named Resample (Data Management), is there any equivalent tool in QGIS which performs the same task as Resample (Data Management)?

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    To the attention of QGIS-only users, maybe you should precise explicitely what this tool does. – ArMoraer Mar 24 '16 at 9:32

You can find one possiblity at raster-konversion-translate . There you can set the new outsize in percantages. So if you want to resample from 1x1 to 2x2 you set it to 50%.


You can access the following GRASS tools from the Processing Toolbox which resamples raster layers to finer, coarser resolutions and the option to retain the extent of the original raster. Different methods are used depending on the tool chosen:

  • r.resample: GRASS raster map layer data resampling capability
  • r. resample.stats: Resamples raster map layers to a coarser grid using aggregation.
  • r.resample.interp: Resamples raster map layers to a finer grid using interpolation.

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