I am trying to add a point with GeoAlchemy 2. However I am getting getting error on insert action saying

---sqlalchemy.exc.InternalError: (psycopg2.InternalError) parse error - invalid geometry HINT: "POINT(39.9130572,3" <-- parse error at position 18 within geometry [SQL: 'INSERT INTO spots (name, geom) VALUES (%(name)s, ST_GeomFromEWKT(%(geom)s)) RETURNING spots.id'] [parameters: {'name': 'testspot', 'geom': 'POINT(39.9130572,32.7892743)'}]---

I check the spots table and its geometry appears as point.Could anyone tell me where is the problem ?

class Spot(Base): tablename = 'spots' id = Column(Integer, primary_key=True) name = Column(String) geom = Column(Geometry('POINT'))


if not session.query(Spot).filter_by(name='testspot').first(): spot = Spot(name='testspot', geom='POINT(39.9130572,32.7892743)') print(spot.geom) session.add(spot) session.commit() else: spot=session.query(Spot).filter_by(name='testspot').first()

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The problem was the comma between coordinates in 'geom':'POINT(39.9130572 32.7892743)'

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