Using ESRI ArcGIS javascript api v 3.16

I programmatically add a graphic to my map, which works fine, for example :

var pnt = map.graphics.add(new Graphic(evt.mapPoint, stopSymbol));

I need to fire an event handler when this pnt is drawn on the map. I have tried map.on("graphic-add"), but it does not fire for above.

I've also tried to fire a reposition event with map.centerAt(pnt.geometry), but also nothing fires .

Any advice ?


After loading your map just associate the event to the default map graphicLayer :

    map.graphics.on("graphic-add",function(evt) {
        //some stuff after adding graphic 
        alert("graphic added);
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map.graphics is an instance of a GraphicsLayer, so you should be able to listen for an event at the GraphicsLayer level, something like:

map.graphics.on('update-end', function(evt) { 
    // do something here!
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  • You are welcome Dubya! Don't forget to mark this as the "answer" if it's what solved your problem. – GavinR Apr 1 '16 at 1:00

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