I am hoping to make a custom form within ArcMap 10.3 where the end user can select a recently digitized shapefile (or feature), and enter values of specific attributes through a custom form. This form would also validate the entries based on parameters. I have been told that VB is no longer supported for ArcMap 10.x.

Is this true, then how do I create such a form?

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VBA is still available in 10.x, but must be installed separately. Prior to 10.x, it was included with installation files. Now, however, you must install separately and receive a license for the VBA extension (it's free, but you must request it from ESRI).

Aside from VBA, there are other ways to create custom UI elements, including .NET and python addins. The python addins are limited compared to .NET capabilities. For a custom form, you'll probably need to go with .NET. Read here for more discussion.


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