Within CartoDB my CartoCSS looks something like

#table_copy_1 [ lease_rate <= 55.15] {
   marker-width: 35.0; marker-fill: #081B47     

Can I add another variable (size) so that the display filters by both lease_rate and size? My idea is that it would look like this:

#table_copy_1 [ lease_rate <= 55.15, size <= 40000] {
   marker-width: 35.0; marker-fill: #081B47     

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Yes, combining multiple filters is allowed. For example:

#cities {
  [zoom>=6][population>100000] {
    text-name: [name];
    text-face-name: 'Arial Regular';

from https://www.mapbox.com/tilemill/docs/guides/selectors/ (found by googling cartocss tutorial multiple conditions)

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