Identify Features tool - it selects multiple features unless I really zoom in. Is there any way to adjust the "selection radius" of the Identify Features tool so its "point sharp". I want to keep the map zoomed out (to have many features shown) yet still be able to pinpoint a tiny feature, point and click on it, then have my QT Designer UI pop up.


Answer below was very helpful. Just wondering if the Identify Features Tool can go any "sharper" than 0 MM? Or can the Identify Features Tool icon be swapped out for cross hairs?

Before the click:

before click

After the click

after click

Two features are selected. I believe the arrow icon is is actually a rectangle. Ideally it would only be the tip of the arrow that was "hot". Or, any way to swap that tool out for a cross hair?


It is possible to define the search radius for identify: (QGIS 2.14) Settings >> Options >> Map Tools >> Identify

The default is 2,00 mm

  • The setting it to 0 works good for me. Thanks! – rjlabs Mar 26 '16 at 14:57

Using the Identify tool, you can right click to bring up a context menu which lists all features within the map tool's tolerance:

enter image description here

This way you can select a specific feature without having to change the map tool settings.

  • Thanks, very handy. Unfortunately the key column is just numbers so Right-click pop up doesn't yield useful information. I'm on a laptop because I have to do field work. A wheel (zoom) mouse might be better for quick zooming. (more at "update" above) – rjlabs Mar 26 '16 at 19:12
  • @rjlabs you can change the field displayed in the layer's properties – underdark Mar 27 '16 at 12:51

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