I'm trying to extract the same part of multiple rasters (Landsat scenes) using a polygon so I can do a time series. I've been trying to do it in ArcMap 10.2 ModelBuilder but the following error "ERROR 000581: Invalid parameters. Failed to execute (Extract by Mask)" keeps occuring. I've attached a screen shot of my model. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong? model attempt

  • When you double click on Extract by Mask are there any red exclamation points by the parameters? For that matter, can you also include a screenshot of the tool opened?
    – Paul
    Mar 28, 2016 at 22:36

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Perhaps the polygon is actually a polyline. This sounds like a mistake too easy to make; however, it is often overlooked and has happened many a times.

Review the usage on this page to ensure you are doing everything correctly. Specifically:

The default output format is a geodatabase raster. If an Esri Grid stack is specified as the output format, note that the name cannot start with a number, use spaces, or be more than nine characters in length.


If the input is a layer created from a multiband raster with more than three bands, the extraction operation will only consider the bands that were loaded (symbolized) by the layer. As a result, the output multiband raster can only have three bands, corresponding to those used in the display of the input layer.

An explanation of the Iterate Rasters tool and some examples of its usage may be helpful for determining any mistakes you may have made.

I would also suggest reviewing the Geoprocessing Results window as this may be able to determine the specific cause of the error.

Lastly, you might even find that the Clip (Data Management) tool will work, possibly even more efficiently than the Extract By Mask tool.

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