I would like to refine an precision estimate of local gravity based upon current GPS position. Ideally, similar to the National Weather Service API, I would like to interrogate a server with a REST interface, providing location and accepting gravimetric data in return. If no such service is available, I would consider hosting mgal data and referencing its value by location, possibly with interpolation.

Together with other natural measurements, this gravity data would be an input to a developing Android application. (No, I don't deem the device's native sensors sufficiently accurate for this; thus, I am seeking a benchmark reference.)

  • NGS's GRAV-D products? They're not USA-wide yet though. – mkennedy Apr 1 '16 at 17:52
  • @mkennedy Yes, I had found the GRAV-D project manual, but not the data. Thanks for the link. (If you transform your comment into an answer, I will accept vote that up.) – Kirk A Apr 2 '16 at 10:34

The United States National Geodetic Survey has been working on collecting widespread gravitmetric measurements, and publishing them for their GRAV-D campaign. The data in being collected for the next major vertical datum change in 2022.

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