I am attempting to calculate and save an image statistics file on a landsat 8 scene. When attempting the virtual raster and separate band files no output is created:

2016-04-01T16:26:13 0   OTB execution command
            "C:\Users\Rion Lerm\Desktop\Bulk Order 628994\L8 OLI_TIRS\2015-07-16\reprojectedToWgs84\PAN_LC81680772015197LGN00_B5.TIF " "C:\Users\Rion Lerm\Desktop\Bulk Order 628994\L8 OLI_TIRS\2015-07-16\reprojectedToWgs84\PAN_LC81680772015197LGN00_B4.TIF " "C:\Users\Rion Lerm\Desktop\Bulk Order 628994\L8 OLI_TIRS\2015-07-16\reprojectedToWgs84\PAN_LC81680772015197LGN00_B3.TIF " "C:\Users\Rion Lerm\Desktop\Bulk Order 628994\L8 OLI_TIRS\2015-07-16\reprojectedToWgs84\PAN_LC81680772015197LGN00_B2.TIF "
            "C:/Users/Rion Lerm/Desktop/olifantsRiver_scp_classifies/otb_trainingClassifier/image_stats_bands2to5"
2016-04-01T16:26:13 0   OTB execution console output

...and then no output?

Attempted kmeans unsupervised via OTB (orfeo) and the following error appeared (QGIS 2.14). I performed it on a virtual raster composed of various landsat 8 bands:

2016-04-08T10:23:01 0 OTB execution command C:\OSGeo4W64\bin\otbcli_KMeansClassification -in "C:\Users\Rion Lerm\Desktop\Bulk_Order628994\L8_OLI_TIRS\2015-07-16\reprojectedToWgs84\landsat_projectedToWgs84.vrt" -ram 7000 -ts 100 -nc 7 -maxit 1000 -ct 0.0001 -out "C:/Users/Rion Lerm/Desktop/olifantsRiver_scp_classifies/2015_landCover_classify_olifantsRiver_kmeans.tif" -outmeans "C:\Users\RIONLE~1\AppData\Local\Temp\processing9b135f51bd084ee9a73e3f9100b6ae29\77bd7262ce7948e8bc780c22999c2dcf\outmeans.file" 2016-04-08T10:23:01 0 Adapter for adaptKMeansClassification not found 2016-04-08T10:23:01 0 OTB execution console output 2016-04-08T10:23:01 2 Error loading result layer: Traceback (most recent call last): File "C:/Users/Rion Lerm/.qgis2/python/plugins\processing\gui\Postprocessing.py", line 76, in handleAlgorithmResults out.name)) File "C:/Users/Rion Lerm/.qgis2/python/plugins\processing\tools\dataobjects.py", line 194, in load + '\nCheck the procesing framework log to look for errors') RuntimeError: Could not load layer: C:/Users/Rion Lerm/Desktop/olifantsRiver_scp_classifies/2015_landCover_classify_olifantsRiver_kmeans.tif Check the procesing framework log to look for errors

Please assist!

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Could you please copy paste the log content ?

I am not sure but I see space in the path of your file.

Generaly it could generateberror message just for that. So you can try to move your input file in a folder where the full path don't have space.

  • Hi @Cedriclardeux, I added additional log content to the question.
    – Rion Lerm
    Commented Apr 18, 2016 at 11:51

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