I would like to create small walking paper maps of Chinese cities parts and thought to use QGIS(print pdf + via plotting). With QuickMapServices plugin I added the map and of course the street names are in Chinese. Using the info OSM plugin I've seen that the data are partially available in English. enter image description here
I therefore ask whether it is possible to display street names in English or other Western characters.

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You can not change the content of pre-renderd tiles. Since there seems to be no tile server with english labelling worldwide, you have to do it on your own:

  • Render the tiles using the Mapnik toolchain or Maperitive using the name:en field instead of the name field for labelling. Add them with the TileLayer plugin to your project.
  • Using the QuickOSM plugin, download elements that have a name:en tag, set the rendering to transparent, and label inside QGIS with the name_en field.

enter image description here

This will leave many elements unnamed though.

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