I have many files obtained for a class I took in 2004. We used TNTmips to work with these files.

The file extensions are ".rvc". They show up as executable files in Mac Finder. I remember seeing somewhere that the TNTmips software used the ".rvc" file format for vector data, raster data, and -- something else.

It has been so long that I do not remember what our class used these files for, or how we used them.

Can files with the ".rvc" extension be loaded into QGIS? If so, how?


I have also used TNT Mips and the dreaded RVC format in my faculty. The RVC is a container object, similar to ESRI's geodatabase format, and as far as I know it is a thoroughly closed format. I think to only way to open it is to get yourself a copy of TNT Mips and export the data from RVC to something more interoperable.

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