I have installed QGIS 2.14.1 and GrassGIS 7.0.3

I found in OSGEO Grass wiki page a command that calculate Strahler's and Horton's stream order Hack's main streams and Shreeve's stream magnitude from a drainage, that command is r.stream.order but when I tried to use it I don't found the command only have r.stream.extrac.

¿Anyone know how to install the other commands or the complete module?

I install QGIS and GrassGIS from the OSGEO installer osgeo4w.setup-x86_64

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Various r.stream.* modules must be installed as addons with g.extension. This must be done in GRASS explicitly, because g.extension seems not available via QGIS.

see for details: https://grasswiki.osgeo.org/wiki/AddOns/GRASS7/raster

This works fine for GRASS7 as a standalone application.


... but might not really solve your issue, but this might help too:

How to make GRASS 7 addon available in QGIS 2.12?

install GRASS Addon in with QGIS



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