I'm using arcobjects (C#) to load my layers to the table of contents, and I need to update the data source to change the version.

The layer file is set to the correct source at the DEFAULT version. When a 'user' opens the MXD, i need to update the version just before it loads.

I'm not sure where to start with this. Here is the loading code:

 var groupL = new GroupLayer();
 groupL.Name = ALayerName;

 var fileEntries = Directory.GetFiles(alayerDir, FileFilter).ToList();

 fileEntries.ForEach(delegate(string path)
    var layer = ActiveView.OpenLyrFromFile(path);
 return groupL;

So what to i need to cast 'layer' to in order to give the new version name and then restart the connection?

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As I recall, you need to listen to IDocumentEvents.

When OpenDocument fires cast the IMxDocument to IDocumentDatasets. For each IDatasetLayer2 in IDocumentDatasets.Datasets:

Cast IDatasetLayer2.DataSourceName to IDataSetName.

Get (by value) IDatasetName.WorkspaceName. Get (by value) the propertyset from IWorkspaceName.ConnectionProperties.

Change the "VERSION" property in the propertyset to whatever version you want.

Assign the property set back to IWorkspaceName.ConnectionProperties.

Assign the workspacename back to IDatasetName.WorkspaceName,

Assign the datasetname back to IDatasetLayer2.DatasourceName.

Alternatively, you might want to call IDatasetLayer2.Connect, passing the modified datasetname.

  • I changed it a bit, but creating the propertyset dynamically (with the version set) and create a new sde. I then change the layer workspace to the new SDE.
    – Omnia9
    Commented Apr 7, 2016 at 15:27

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