Using Jquery, I am aiming to get png map from postGIS which has been created dynamically from node server in different port. I used jsonp to overcome cross domain issue in jquery.

$.ajax( 'http://localhost:3000/terrain', { type:'GET', crossOrigin: true, data:koordObj, contentType: "content-Type: application/image", dataType: "jsonp", success:function (data) { console.log(data); } }) .error( function() { console.log("error"); });

server creates the image as : "
localhost:3000/terrain/?callback=photos&minx=4000660.554526325&miny=4862598.159515699&maxx=4014342.782589372&maxy=4869286.399490653&terrain=slp&zoom=14&_=1459928691680 "

But firefox arises this error: SyntaxError: illegal character �PNG ​What might the problem be?

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