I recently observe a shift in the geographic projection of Sentinel 2 data. Please see the screenshots below for clarification (Granule T33UXP, Band 8 only). The first image was taken on 20160314, the second (shifted) on 20160403. I added a polygon as a reference. This is unprocessed data as downloaded from the API hub. S2A_OPER_MSI_L1C_TL_SGS__20160314T171554_A003794_T33UXP_N02.01 S2A_OPER_MSI_L1C_TL_SGS__20160403T152610_A004080_T33UXP_N02.01

Does anyobdy else observe this? Is this a known issue or does it occur just in my particular case?

20160314 20160403

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    Can you write the image/granule number of these two images? – HDunn Apr 7 '16 at 6:13
  • Yes, that should be included, thanks. I added the information. – unnic Apr 7 '16 at 6:17

I've downloaded these granules and notice the same shift. It appears to be geographic processing error on ESA's behalf. I've never encountered a shift like this before. The image metadata is the same for both, which means some error occurred before the Level 1-C product. (the 100*100Km granules have already been processed, for more information look here)

I would suggest contacting ESA, maybe even on social media and let them know about this error. Nn several occasions before they've halted the data dissemination on the Pre-ops hub and its API due to processing errors. The shifted image is pretty recent, and might have yet to be noticed.


the anomaly has been identified and is currently under investigation. It is not systematic as far as we know. Please report this kind of anomaly to the Copernicus help desk.

Thanks Sébatien CLERC S2 Mission Performance Center


Check the other granules in the scene from which 33UXP is taken.

If it is something systematic, it should affect all granules (in zone UTM33).

  • yes, it effects all granules in the scene. I also checked for UTM35, the problem doens't occur there. (At least for 20160404T132741_A004094_T35TLL) – unnic Apr 7 '16 at 12:01

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