I have a csv file with point coordinates in GCS_WGS_1984 geographic system. I've imported it to ArcMap as a XY file however negative values for West hemisphere are not visible (but ALL records are in Table of Contents - even negative).

I've tried to save data in other formats, I've changed XY columns to Float type - nothing helps...

I want to generate a raster based on the coordinates - unfortunately, the raster doesn't cover area with negative coordinates...


It's a known issue that pops up now and again with adding XY data that's been ongoing for years (see this ArcGIS Knowledge Base article):

From section #3:

There is a missing negative from the X field values when the values are decimal degrees (geographic coordinates).

SOLUTION: Use the field calculator to add a negative to the X field's values.

REASON: For data in the US, most of the decimal degree values will be negative X and positive Y. This is because of how decimal degrees are displayed eastward and westward of the prime meridian. The breakdowns of values for each hemisphere are below:

• Northern: +Y
• Southern: -Y
• Western: -X
• Eastern: +X


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