I've added a MapLayerTable to my application, and I'm loading multiple layers using shape files successfully. Now I would like to select features on the map of the selected layer. For this, I would need to find the currently clicked layer.

I've already used the following code to check whether the layers are active and selected.

for (Layer layer : mapPane.getMapContent().layers()) {
    if (layer.isSelected()) {
        System.out.println("Layer selected : " + layer.getTitle());

But what I need is a method to select only one layer. E.g.: clicked layer, right clicked layer. I hope there would be a method to select one layer.


Since the MapLayerTable allows you to select 0 to many layers there is no way to have a getSelected() method easily implemented. But when you select a layer in the table it calls setSelected on the layer which fires a MapLayerEvent.SELECTIONCHANGED event to any MapLayerListeners that are registered. So you can maintain your own list of selected layers that is updated via the MapLayerTable.

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