I generated 3 drone maps of one area. The individual images were stitched using dronedeploy. Each map has some overlap with others. I imported all 3 geotiffs as rasters in Qgis and overlay them.

Since the drone is inaccurate horizontally to a couple meters, each of the maps is slightly misaligned with the others. I tried merging them into one image, but this simply makes the 3 images into one, and does not change the alignment. I am wondering if there is anyway to align the images so that the common features on each map match up, similar to what arcgis, pix4d, etc. do for creating a mosaic.

  • could you choose 1 that fits best to some other mapping then georeference the other images to you best one? – Sethinacan Apr 11 '16 at 14:47

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