Download from this website the following netncf-file: cru_ts3.23.1991.2000.pet.dat.nc.gz. This is a monthly raster with data from all over the world from january 1991 to december 2000

I am using ArcGis (multidimensional tool) to plot the map. However, I don't manage to plot the maps per month. I only receive one map, without time indication. I followed the instructions here to build a time slider but the time slider doesn't work in the sense that it is showing time periods (1900 for instance) which is not in the data file I downloaded, and it doesn't slide.

A follow up question on this is that, once the time slider works, is it possible to save the different time layers seperately in different shapefiles such as in this question. I would like to use the separate shapefiles afterwards in R.

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The following link provides an answer to this question! It appeared to be a settings problem!


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