I need to be able to convert labels to Annotation feature classes at multiple scale levels for both address and street data. Similar in concept to generating tiled layers for a web service, I have 5 to 10 pre-defined extents that I need to export annotation for. The resulting annotation will be used in an ArcEngine application that is restricted to those zoom levels. When done manually, I turn on labels for the layers I want labeled, right-click each layer and choose 'Convert Labels to Annotation, save them to an annotation feature class, then repeat for each scale level. Does anyone know of a way of accomplishing this programmatically? All of my code so far has been in Python, but if necessary I'm open to other languages.


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If you're using ArcGIS 10, you should be looking at the Tiled Labels To Annotation tool. This tool does what you're looking for (you may need to modify your input extents to have a scale field if they do not have one). If you're using an earlier release, you can only accomplish this via the ConvertLabelsToAnnotation coclass in ArcObjects.

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