I have a MapDocument that I am trying to export to PDF. I am using this example. However, it always says it is finished but when I open the pdf file there is nothing in it. I have tried exporting to a TIFF but with the same results. Is there a known reason why this might be happening?

When it brings up the ArcMap program, it displays everything properly and I can manually export to PDF from the program just fine.

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I ended with the same result months before and I could not found a solution using IPrintAndExport. I would recommend to use theIExportdirectly. Please have a look at the following ExportActiveView function in this example in VBA or this post to a different topic with an example in C#. This works without problems in my case. You can simply exchange the ExportJPEG instance by the format you prefer.


I hit the same blank PDF issue when creating a winforms program to ArcMap to do automation tasks. Reading the official documentation and specifically this discussion, I realize it is due to the processing space issue. I resolve the issue by create the ExportPDF and PrintAndExport instance via IObjectFactory.

IObjectFactory oj = _app as IObjectFactory; //_app is the IApplication obtained via ((new MxDocument() as IDocument).Parent) as IApplication
IExport docExport = (IExport) oj.Create("esriOutput.ExportPDF");;
IPrintAndExport docPrintExport = (IPrintAndExport)oj.Create("esriCarto.PrintAndExport");

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