I have developed a standalone swing application loaded with a shapefile of a road network using geotools (v.14.3). Now I would like to implement a feature where the user may zoom the map, and at a pre-set zoom level, the traffic volumes of the currently visible road would be drawn close to the road (Here's a sample, instead of letters, there would be the traffic volume in a number). Traffic volume is a number which the user would need to take decisions.

I've seen an example here where they discuss about drawing circles and other polygons on a separate layer on a JmapPane.

How can I draw the traffic volume of the currently zoomed road?


Simply create an SLD style with a MaxScaleDenominator set to the value that you want the labels to be added and a TextSymbolizer with a reference to the traffic volume attribute. You will probably want to set some of the options listed at the bottom of the TextSymbolizer section of the documentation.

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