Is there a way in ArGIS' Model Builder to set the values for reclassification (Tool Reclassify) as Model Parameters? The Reclassification is an important part of my model and I need to be able to change the threshold values for reclassification in an easy way in the model window.

The only workaround I can so far think of, would be to create several rasters by using the Raster Calculator, using Double variables which can be set as Parameters...

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    From the help (Make variable from reclassification parameter and then model parameter to expose in dialog)
    – Paul
    Apr 12, 2016 at 22:53
  • Thank you for the link. However I am afraid this will not work when used as simply one tool in a complex model chain; with the task to reclassify intermediate rasters?
    – Arne
    Apr 13, 2016 at 22:04

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You can use Calculate Value with an output parameter type of Remap to accomplish dynamic reclassification of intermediate results.

Here, I'm use Iterate Field Values to loop over a table with different reclass values. %Max% is a model variable and %Value% is the current table value. If you export the Reclassify GP tool to Python, you'll find that the remap parameter (for ranges at least) can be accomplished via RemapRange. I just did it with str.format() since it's a simple remap. For more complicated ones, you'll probably want to use something like

str(arcpy.sa.RemapRange([[0, 75, 75], [76, 150, 150]]))

enter image description here

This submodel is part of a much larger series of models that takes an input raster and reclassifies it multiple times based on the number of rows in a record set. The end user never specifies a remap or reclassification parameter.

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