I'm learning model builder and creating a Transportation model

I'm reading from a truck table with a cost field. This field has already a value on database and I can change to a default value (lets say Cx) using field mapping and everything go very good, the rest of results use the default value Cx to calculate cost.

I also can make the table truck be requested as a parameter and it also works ok.

But I want to run some simulations so I want the default value Cx be requested as parameter as well. Right now I have to enter on the field mapping on the model every time I want to change.

What tool should I use to make the default value on the "field mapping" also a parameter?


Sounds like you want to expose the field mapping parameter of a tool as a parameter. Look at the section exposing tool parameters to see how you expose a parameter of a tool in model builder. Typically only the inputs and outputs are shown (blue/green blobs) so other parameters of a tool are not shown by default.

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