I got some code that I think should work, but I'm getting this error:

Traceback (most recent call last): File "", line 1, in File "c:/users/proxtr~1/appdata/local/temp/tmpgtrnqo.py", line 13, in qgis.path.insert(0, 'C:\Program Files\QGIS Essen\apps\qgis\python') AttributeError: 'module' object has no attribute 'path'

This is the code

from PyQt4.QtCore import *
from PyQt4.QtGui import *
from qgis.core import *
from qgis.gui import *
from qgis.core import *
import os
import sys
from qgis.core import *
from PyQt4.QtGui import *

#""" Put your code here and remove the pass statement"""
#"Edit this path if you have a different version than QGIS 2.14.1"
qgis.path.insert(0, C:\Program Files\QGIS Essen\apps\qgis\python)
#The path is between these 2 comments"
app = QApplication([])
QgsApplication.setPrefixPath('/usr', True)
# Prepare processing framework 
from processing.core.Processing import Processing
from processing.tools import *

extent = layer.extent()
width, height = layer.width(), layer.height()
renderer = layer.renderer()
crs = layer.crs().toWkt()

layers = iface.layerTreeView().selectedLayers()

for layer in layers:
pipe = QgsRasterPipe()
file_writer = QgsRasterFileWriter(path)
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    So, in your code you're importing 3 times anything from qgis.core? You're also mixing Windows and GNU/Linux paths, which, for sure, won't work. First give your code a review and then post a question. BTW, yo can just paste your code inside your question and click the button with curly brackets ("Code Sample") to format it. – Germán Carrillo Apr 14 '16 at 12:57

qgis module has no attribute path, I guess you wanted to do sys.path.insert()

So it should be:

sys.path.insert(0, 'C:\Program Files\QGIS Essen\apps\qgis\python')

Remember to pass your path as a string with " ".

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  • Paths need forward slashes '/', '\\' escaping, or raw string notation r"" – user2856 Dec 17 '17 at 22:37

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