I am trying to use geopy's vincenty on each row in a panda's dataframe. However, I am unable to get the syntax right in the lambda argument. geopy's vincenty takes two ordered pair arguments

p1 = (lat, long)
p2 = (lat2, long2)
dist = vincenty(p1, p2)

What I have tried is:

import pandas as pd
from geopy.distance import vincenty
# read in csv file
jss_loc = pd.read_csv('location.csv', sep = ',')
coord_col = ['avg_lat', 'avg_long']
matching_ser_no = jss_loc['ser_no'] == jss_loc['ser_no'].shift(1)
shift_coords = jss_loc.shift(1).loc[matching_ser_no, coord_col]
# join in shifted coords and compute distance
jss_loc_shift = jss_loc.join(shift_coords, how = 'inner', rsuffix = '_2')
jss_loc['hdist'] = jss_loc_shift.apply(lambda ((row['avg_lat'], row['avg_long']), (row['avg_lat_2'], row['avg_long_2'])): 
    vincenty((row['avg_lat'], row['avg_long']), (row['avg_lat_2'], row['avg_long_2'])), axis = 1)

The columns of jss_loc_shift are: name, id, ser_no, avg_lat, avg_long, avg_lat_2, avg_long_2.


I figured out a way to solve it.

jss_loc_shift['hdist'] = jss_loc_shift.apply(lambda x: vincenty((x[4], x[5]), (x[6], x[7])), axis = 1)
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