I have a map here that I'm building in Editor with some custom CSS. I'm having trouble positioning my legend in the place I want it on the screen. I referred to this post, and tried following the instructions from iriberri, but my solution isn't working.

My goal is to get the legend on the lower left of the screen.

Here's my code: enter image description here

and here's the result. The CSS I wrote in Editor is not overwriting correctly:

enter image description here

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I asked CartoDB customer support for help and they responded:

The issue is that any non-inline styles are sanitized out of that Editor panel, >for security reasons. Have you tried that when building your map with CartoDB.js? >The styles should work that way.

Makes total sense to me -- the only reason I was so confused was because of the earlier SE thread (which I linked to above), in which a CartoDB staffer provided the solution I was trying to implement. Apparently that thread is outdated and non-inline styles are no longer possible in the Editor panel.

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