I have a KML file I'd like to load with the KmlLayer in my Silverlight application. The problem is that the markup seems more complicated than the class wants to handle. I have a element at the top of the Document that adds custom elements () and for some reason changes the element name to a custom one.

I've been searching for a couple days but no one seems to have covered this issue. Has anyone here come across a option or somesuch you can set so that the KmlLayer notices and adheres to the elements customizations?


Apparently the 2.2 spec has dropped this strange @parent attribute from Schema. Why you would want to rename <Placemark> is beyond me anyway... In addition, custom elements are supported in KmlLayer with <ExtendedData> and not <Schema>... Looks like I'll have to consult the KML author about how they're formatting things.

<Schema name="string" id="ID">
  <SimpleField type="string" name="string">
    <displayName>...</displayName>            <!-- string -->

The short answer it seems is that the WmsLayer as of API v2.4 really only supports custom elements implemented via the <ExtendedData> tag. You can access this information with some tricky code that handles Toolkit.DataSources.Kml.KmlExtendedData class.

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