I work with QGIS 2.12 and i try to edit point layer by adding it more point features with "add feature" button. Here my point layer:

enter image description here enter image description here

after i add the features (features num. 58-62) i save editing. The problem is that i can see the added features in the attribute table:

enter image description here

but in the map they disappear and i can't see them

I red Point features disappear when adding new data but in my situation the features can be seen when i in edit mode.


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Try to do the following to see if the problem still exist:

1- When you add point to the map, keep the point selected and open the attribute table

2- Update the x-coordinate field with $x and y-coordinate field with $y, so that you will get the x and y coordinates of the newly added points.

3- Save the attribute table.

4-Repeat the above process after each point added.

I know it is not a perfect solution, but in this case you can confirm whether the points still exist in the map view as well as the attribute table or not.

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