Further to my previous question I was wondering if it is possible to add dummy node data without to do routing analysis.


  • I have a polygon layer that represents zonal attributes
  • I created a centroid (point layer) for each polygon
  • I would like to add the new points to the database with "dummy" links to the nearest highway or nearest road of a certain classification
  • Route from between all the nodes to develop a trip matrix

Is this possible with OSM and pgRouting?

NOTE I will add more details to this question tomorrow


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You'll have to create an INSERT statement that constructs a line from your centroid to your road segment.

Some useful postgis functions would be:

  • st_make_line
  • line_locate_point(ST_GeometryN(road.geom, 1), centroid.geom)
  • st_distance(road.geom, centroid.geom)
  • Can you detail this a bit more?
    – dassouki
    Apr 5, 2013 at 14:21

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