I need Sentinel 2 imagery of Nigeria, I signed up in Copernicus Scihub but typing Nigeria into the text box no results appear. I must be doing something wrong, how can be possible that they do not have images for Nigeria?

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You can download Sentinel 2 Imagery by going to the Sentinel Data Access Portal and selecting the Sentinel Data Hub enter image description here

Once you have arrived here select Scientific Hub

enter image description here

In the top right hand corner select Sign Up (Enter all your info and verify the email they send you)

Login to your new account. Begin your search by using the search bar and type in "Nigeria". You will be provided with pages and pages of data so scroll through the products and hone in on what information you are seeking.

enter image description here


An alternate source is the Sentinel-2 Amazon S3 archive, where you can search fast and preview images (without need for login). This one is preferred if you're interested in individual granules and not the whole tile file (which is few GBs)


Sentinel-2 Amazon S3 archive

A Tip: the date slider has a minimum of 25/11/2015 but if you navigate through the individual folders, you can find available files from dates older than this (not everywhere but some areas have available scenes from May to October 2015, gradually inserted into the archive)


Remote Pixel's Satellite Search website is a very impressive tool for downloading Sentinel-2 data as well as Landsat-8. It's very intuitive, quick to search and easy to download data.

enter image description here

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https://github.com/Fernerkundung/awesome-sentinel - A curated list of awesome tools, tutorials and APIs related to data from the Copernicus Sentinel Satellites. Contributions and updates are always welcome.


Do note that MDHald's answer is linking you to Sentinel-1 SAR Data. The Sentinel-2 EO data has it's own "pre-ops" hub. With the login credentials currently guest/guest.

As you can see, searching for "nigeria" returns correct results.

If you want to search for individual granules, you can use this KML tiling grid to locate them

Sentinel-2 data is also available for download form USGS' Earth Explorer portal

enter image description here

  • The "dhus" DataHub contains both Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-2 images. The "pre-ops" hub only distributes Sentinel-2 data and was introduced to reduce the load on the "dhus" DataHub (and thereby decrease the downtime due to too many requests). – Kersten May 6 '16 at 11:13

There are special browsers for satellite data search, where you can also download free data. This one called Landviewer, it has Sentinel-2 imagery for Nigeria from as early as July 2015, available for preview and downloading. It's also quite useful whenever you need spectral signatures analysis. There's also EO Browser. I'm sure both tools take data from same source, but somehow landviewer has a one month earlier data for Nigeria location.


You may download Sentinel-2 images from EOS LandViewer and download it via EOS Storage. All the satellite data is free to use and easy to find thanks to the convenient search interface, which reduces time needed to find right image data.

I prepared a small guide for you:

  • Open LandViewer.
  • Locate Nigeria and targer an area of your interest.
  • Select Sentinel 2 imagery.
  • Cick Download from the settings bar on the right.

An example you may see on the image below.



You may also click the "bell" button and receive an email update once a new satellite image of this area has been added to the platform.


The website shared by dmci provides with latest data, but we cannot do advanced search for getting images from a certain period of a month/day.

You can follow this tutorial to search and download Sentinel 2 images using SCP plugin for QGIS.


You can also use Google Cloud public datasets (https://cloud.google.com/storage/docs/public-datasets/sentinel-2). Here's a small python script to search and download data from there: https://github.com/vascobnunes/fetchLandsatSentinelFromGoogleCloud


OpenWeather company have free satellite images of Sentinel. New images every 2-4 days and historical archive.

You can easily get them using by API https://agromonitoring.com/api/images. More information on https://agromonitoring.com/ or in blog.

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